Quality & Compliance

Quality is of prime importance in any aspect of business. It is important for every company to maintain a high level of quality in everything that they produce. Quality product is the first purpose that our company. Nowadays Quality demand is very and everyone is very much fashion trend. Westics Limited is comprised of experienced personnel that are capable of supporting customers at every steps of the process. We depend on a good quality control system to maximise the production of goods within the specified requirements, doing so the first attempt. Accessories and Embellishment testing adhere to ISO and AATC standards.

Westics Limited has formed its own set of quality control system based on the clear knowledge of what their clients’ preferences of their goods. Pre-production teams, risk analysis team and pilot runs identify potential issues and take appropriate actions to solve them. There are many steps of fabric quality control in our garments industry. Fabrics shrinkage, distortion, shade, fabrics visual defects, etc! Fabrics are always inspected and tested before any bulk cuttings are done. This quality control system is a result of the company’s of years of experience of exporting their merchandise to the USA, EU, Canada, Middle East and some Asian counties.