Laboratory Tests

Clothing, fabrics, yarns and accessories need to be tested by buyer approved testing labs to maintain quality standards as per the buyer’s testing requirements. Because nowadays educated consumer is focused on finding apparel with the best balance of style and quality. The lab test requirements vary according to the buyers, sourcing countries and products. That’s why Westics Limited has own dyeing and physical laboratory. Westics Limited laboratory tests ensure that your garments and apparel meets consumer safety standards and regulatory requirements of your destination market.

Laboratory tests are a valuable aid for apparel production, distribution, and consumption. As leaders in fabric testing in Bangladesh, Westics Limited can help you meet your business goals for quality control. Our dyeing laboratory is equipped with auto lab, supported by SPS solution maker, spectrophotometer from Data color international. Our laboratory services include to check if fabric weight, colors match, dimensional stability, shrinkage, appearance after washing, color fastness to washing and staining, rubbing.