In time Shipments

Time has become such a valuable asset that any company that can exploit it can increase its competitiveness to a greater extent than ever before. In today’s highly competitive global marketplace buyer are placing greater value on quality and delivery time. On-Time Shipment measures the company’s reliability in getting orders prepared for shipment. We follow the CPM producer to manage production and get the job done in the given time.  To successfully meet the demand of our global clients, we have a complete offer of quality products at best competitive price within scheduled time.


Why We Can Deliver Our Order Faster?

On-time delivery means getting products into the hands of those who want them, when they want them. Garments order execution is not an easy task that we normally seemed. Cause from order receiving to completion of an order it involves a number of tasks of various timelines and utilization of various resources.

The demand-driven apparel industry is increasingly being marked by competition from its players who can accelerate their fashions to better respond to today’s sensitive customers. Westics Limited is one of the leading garments manufacturer companies who provide a complete solution for the garments industry in Bangladesh. We have acquired a reputation throughout the worldwide clothing industry as one of the leading factories in Bangladesh for our commitment to timely delivery, quality, and total value.